Monday, April 27, 2009

Brooklyn's Best-Kept Secret Spilled Here

Tom's Restaurant.

That's right. I've said it.

Tom's has been one of two restaurants ever that has made me consider moving.
Tom's is a classic New York diner type place, with black-and-white photos of B-list celebrities on the walls, packed with kitsch and scarecrows and fly-by plates of free samples (ok, so maybe not that typical). It's in Prospect Park, just off the Brooklyn Museum stop, so you can pop by for breakfast before going to check out the cherry blossom festival or the totally under-appreciated art at the Brooklyn Museum.

The wait staff are the nicest people in the world, and the line to get in wraps around the block. But never fear, it moves quick and people bring you trays of beef sausage samples and coffee to keep you perky.

I suggest breakfast, only because I've had it there twice. I had the harvest pancakes--sweet corn and dried cranberries--with a side of kind of spiritual homemade beef sausage. My dad had pumpkin walnut pancakes, and my sister blueberry ricotta parmasan pancakes. (My brother had an omelette, that loser.)

Yumm harvest pancakes. Notice the three kinds of special homemade whipped butter everything's served with. One is apple cinnamon, one is (we think) strawberry, and the third is a mystery, although a good guess was apple walnut.

<3 Pancakey love.


angelle said...

oi. i never order pancakes for bfast bc i like eggs and i find that after a bite or two of sweet bfast, i want something savory. BUT. those harvest pancakes sound DELISH!

i <3 brooklyn.

moonrat said...

dude. ohh my god, don't even get me started.

i love eggs, too. i usually order a meal with lots of meat and eggs and maybe grits. but pancakes with THINGS in them... num num num.

when are you back here this summer? we'll make a pilgrimage.

angelle said...

im not coming back til probably right before school starts :) but we def have to eat up a storm once im back. well. sort of.

i tagged your post for you, i hope you don't mind hee hee :)

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