Thursday, May 21, 2009

Homemade Italian: La Taverna

Cyn took me out to an early birthday dinner last night. She asked me to pick a place, but I couldn't come up with one -- not for lack of options, but simply because there's SO MUCH I could eat! In the end, she decided to take me to her favorite Italian place in La Jolla, La Taverna. It's a small cozy place and was empty when we arrived. Cyn mentioned it's one of those local gems that nobody really knows about, which in my experience usually means consistent, good fare.

We started off with some appetizers, a caprese salad and some tiny meatballs with crostini. Both were really solid. The salad needed some balsamic I thought, but luckily the bread came with a ramikin of garlic balsamic vinegar which I drizzled over my mozzerella and tomatoes.

Next, we each had a pasta. She got the gnocchi with vodka sauce, which was very good. The gnocchi wasn't overly sticky or gummy like they can be sometimes, and the vodka sauce had a tiny bit of heat which gave it a nice kick.

I ordered the Pasta Toscana, which was essentially spaghetti with pesto, parmasean and tomatoes diced on top. Because I love my protein, I asked for sausage to be added on, which felt a tiny bit out of place on the dish (chicken might have been better) but I love my sausage so I wasn't complaining.

For dessert, we were given an option of two homemade cakes. The first was a chocolate cake, which sounded good, but I was in love the moment he mentioned a banana walnut cake. I love banana desserts. And this banana cake was really yummy. Huge though, and we ultimately couldn't finish the whole thing.

Thanks Cyn for the delicious birthday dinner! Good food and good company -- what more can you want? :)

La Taverna
927 Silverado St
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 454-0100


rammy lee park said...

hi cutie! good to see you here. a funny coincidence - i produced a film that shot at toms restaurant in brooklyn. the owners are SOOOOO cute - have you ever met them? gus and noni. i love them. hope youre well!

moonrat said...

oh my god, those are all such beautiful pictures.

however i would like to point out that if SOMEONE had chosen to spend her birthday in NEW YORK i BET we would have worked our butts off to top cindy!! that cindy and her foody foods. humph! let this be a challenge.

Little Miss Contrary said...

Just discovered your blog via Mmm-Yoso--I'm a new fan!

angelle said...

rammy: my friend posted that post so i actually haven't even been there!

moonie: numnumnum. food challenge on for sure when i get back.

little miss contrary: hi!! glad to see you around! :)

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