Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taco Tuesday: Old Town Mexican Cafe

Hung out in Old Town yesterday, doing the touristy thing. By 7, I was starved and there was a HUGE line in front of Fred's for some reason. Which makes no sense to me, because I think of it as an eh Mexican chain that simply reminds me of spring break. Instead, we went to Old Town Mexican Cafe. I was sucked in the moment I passed by the windows and saw the women making tortillas. A surefire way to capture my attention is to show me the food being made!

I ordered a carnitas taco and a pozole soup (which I've been thinking about since I had pozole last in Encinitas!).

The carnitas didn't look so pretty - it was just this taco with lettuce and a single slice of tomato, so I was a little dubious. The meat itself was good, though nothing I was in awe over. What I WAS in awe over was the tortilla. No joke. It was bubbly and fresh and slightly crispy but a little doughy... omg, so good. The taco was also HUGE! Lucky for me I only ordered one -- I considered another one since it was Taco Tuesday and the soup didn't seem like it would be that much in addition. Wrong. They ran out of "regular" sized soups, so for the same price they gave me a large. This pozole, unlike the one I had last time, was not a red one, but a white pozole. Still delicious -- big chunks of pork and lots of hominy and tons of oregano and red pepper flakes and lime juice and onions on the side to throw in (I avoided the cilantro as I do). Really tasty, and so big I couldn't finish it all. Leftovers = lunch!

Old Town Mexican Cafe has had a lot of hype, but I'd say it was pretty damn good and reasonably cheap. I like the atmosphere too. And those tortillas.. mmm..

Old Town Mexican Cafe
2489 San Diego Ave
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 297-4330


Little Miss Contrary said...

I love the pozole at the Old Town Mexican Cafe--gald to see you enjoyed it as well!

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