Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dinner on the Harbor: Island Prime/C Level

My friend C and I went to C Level (ha) aka Island Prime on Harbor Island for some seafood. It was nice because we were seated outside where we could get a view. At first we worried it would be cold since we weren't seated under a heat lamp, but then they lit up the coals on this partition next to us we thought was just for decorations, and it became nice and toasty.

We started with some sweet potato fries to share, which came with horseradish sauce and bbq sauce. I love sweet potato fries in any way.

Then we got our entrees. She ordered fish tacos with pineapple salsa. The portion was huge. I tried some and it was really good. Despite the fact that I knew it was going to be too rich for me, I ordered the lobster mac and cheese. Also very good, but predictably, I didn't finish it.

Then we were reeled in by this crazy dessert which involved brownie, bananas with a burnt sugar top, and peanut butter ice cream. (It was dark by now and so hard to get a good shot of the dessert without it being blurry)

The food here was good, although nothing inventive or creative or particularly refined. But solid seafood fare with a spectacular view.

Island Prime and C Level Lounge
880 N Harbor
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 298-6802‎


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