Thursday, June 18, 2009

Food Festival: Greek Festival and Saturday Supper

The Greek Festival was this past weekend, so of course I had to go so I could eat things. Despite the many foods being offered there, ultimately, I only had room for a few things:

Phyllo pastry with spinach and cheese, and grape leaf stuffed with meat and rice.

I waited in line for half an hour for this plate: lamb leg, Greek sausage (it had bits of orange in it!), olives, feta, and bread.

$10 sampler of Greek desserts, including baklava, and other pastries.

This pastry had custard in it and was my favorite.

That, unfortunately, was all I could stuff into myself, despite the fact that so many other things looked so delightful!

Afterward a few more hours of walking around and then some hanging out in Balboa, CJ and CM and I went back to my place to make dinner (yes, we went from eating to eating). I normally don't post pictures from homecooked meals, but what the hell.

I may have mentioned that CM is a vegetarian, so we tried to make this as veg friendly as possible.

We started out with a salad of mixed greens, strawberries (from the Coronado farmer's market - incredibly sweet), figs (also from the farmer's market), hazelnuts and goat cheese with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Then we made orzo with spinach, feta, toasted almonds, and cherry tomatoes with a little bit of lemon and olive oil and black pepper tossed in. CJ and I made a side of sausage to toss in with our orzo.

We also attempted to roast some brussels sprouts with parmesan and balsamic, but they came out a bit tough (though when I resteamed them the next day, they were good).

Don't forget the wine! And yes, that is wine that has a happy face as its label.

Good weekend of food with good friends!


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