Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food Festival: San Diego County Fair

Okay, not a food festival per se, but come on, the fair is all about the bad for you food right?

I went twice to the fair. My first day, I had:

Corn. I love roasted corn with all the fixin's. Just love it. I loved here that I could put on what I wanted, so I put EVERYTHING - jerk, pico de gallo, lemon juice, garlic, pepper, parmesan... you name it!

Fried artichoke with ranch sauce. It was Taste of the Fair, so I got a nice small portion. Perfect size! I love artichokes!

Mini key lime cupcake. It was a bit too tangy for me, but still good. I love cupcakes.

Smoked turkey leg. Huge, and I didn't finish the whole thing, but juicy and not dry at all!

I also got a strawberry julius (not pictured). Surprisingly that's all I ate. I thought I'd do worse damage, you know, try some of the weird stuff out pictured in this billboard... Of interest especially is the krispy creme chicken sandwich. Gross, and yet I wish I knew someone who bought it just to try a piece of it.

Knowing Minky is a lover of all types of food, including fair food, I took her back to the fair SOLELY to eat when she came to visit this weekend. This is despite the fact that we had just had brunch and dessert (which I'll be posting about in a bit). Nonetheless, we tried:

A plate of fried veggies - including mushrooms, artichokes and zucchini curls (2 mushrooms and 2 artichokes! lame). It was eh. Too much batter, not enough veggie.

This was what we both were interested most by: frog legs with fries. We ignored the fries completely and went straight into the legs. They were surprisingly good. Tender, moist, like a cross between chicken and a swordfish steak (fishy in the meaty way). I liked it, though I suspect I'd like them more prepared in a different way (ie: not just battered).

A chocolate frozen banana with nuts. Yum.

And a corn for the road!

Due to the fact that we'd eaten beforehand, we didn't do as much damage as we could have at the fair. We stuck around for an hour and then left. Not joking when I say we went to eat.

The San Diego County Fair, by the way, is incredibly impressive. It's huge, nothing at all like a dinky fair I'd expect from elsewhere.


bien_nourri said...

The krispy kreme sandwich WAS pretty gross :)

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