Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Revisit: Ba Ren... again

Yes. I love this place. And because I'm leaving SD soon, I had to get my fill. So I went this past week, not once, but TWICE.

The first time was with JML, and since it was just the two of us, we didn't really get much. As usual, I got the diced fried chicken, and then we got the three delicacy crispy rice. The only completely new thing we got was the mapo tofu, which was spicy but really good I thought. The flavor was good and I was happy to see they used real silken tofu, not that semi-firm/medium soft stuff that I really hate.

When I went with Minky and three of her friends on Tuesday, however, we went all out.

To start, we ordered three cold appetizers from that bar area. Cucumber, seaweed and bamboo shoots. All were flavorful and good.

Next we had beef tripe with pickled pepper. Here already half consumed. I love beef tripe personally, though I felt the sauce was a tad too salty here, and not a fan of celery anyway.

My favorite chicken dish, also already decimated:

Chinese bacon stir fried. It had a black bean type sauce I think, because I felt it was a little too salty and "chu" (like, not delicate) for my taste. Not one of my favorites. There was an option of chinese bacon with garlic shoots on the menu which I feel would have been a better balance of flavors than this version.

Chili vinegar cabbage, always a favorite.

Scallops with crispy rice. I think I prefer the versions with pork or even three delicacies better than the scallop version - it gave the gravy a briny undertone that I preferred less. But it was still very good.

"Fish-flavor" eggplant. This came late, when we were all already very very full, so I only had one serving. It was different than the yu xiang eggplant I've had recently, more sweet and sour than usual, with still a hint of spicy. Very very good. Too bad I was way too full.

Always a pleasure at Ba Ren...


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

They all look beautiful but some of those I would be scared to try!

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