Thursday, June 18, 2009

Revisited: Ba Ren

Because I love it and it's my most favorite restaurant in all of San Diego, and favorite Chinese in all of the United States, I've been scheming to go as often as possible before I move out of San Diego in July. Which is difficult given all the food I want to consume before I go.

I have nothing to say really other than I love Ba Ren.

Pork with guo ba (sizzling rice thing that resembles rice krispies)... I never tried this before, but the flavor was really good. I would have preferred less sauce so the guo ba didn't get so soggy, but otherwise, really delish.

My favorite - la zi ji - fried chicken szechuan style. Sorry this picture is so blurry!

Wontons in chili oil. The wantons got a bit sticky and the oil coud have been a bit more flavorful but overall good.

My favorite veggie dish: chili vinegar napa cabbage.

Ba Ren Szechuan
4957 Diane Ave
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 279-2520


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