Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cajun in Diego: Chateau Orleans

So a few months back, I found out that I had missed the Crawfish Festival in SD and was devastated. CM, being the good friend that he is, suggested we just find a cajun place to eat instead. We finally settled on Chateau Orleans because it had the most extensive menu and a few decent veg options for him. A few weeks ago, we tried to visit it on a Monday, only to find out they were closed. Last week we finally made it there.

The place itself is really cute and festive. The decor has the whole mardi gras atmosphere to it, complete with confetti under the glass on the tables and lots of fun posters.

For starters, they gave us cornbread. I'm very so-so on cornbread (one of the few incarnations of corn I don't lovelove), but this cornbread was warm and had bits of corn in it.

The meals also came with a garden salad. What I liked about the garden salad was that it came with watermelon!

For our mains, CM had eggplant piquant, which he said was very good. I didn't try it, but I'll take his word for it. It came with a side of potatoes and a weird creamed type corn. I tried the corn only because I love everything corn. The cream was too dense and mayo like I think, so it was just eh.

Originally I was just going to get the crawfish etouffee, because that's what I crave most in Cajun food, but then I saw the option to get etouffee, jambalaya AND gumbo for just a few more dollars, and so of course, I had to go for that. The plated it so that the rice was in the middle and the etouffee and gumbo were on either side, and the jambalaya lying on top. They were very tasty, though of course not at all as good as what I've had in New Orleans. But definitely hit the craving. I wish the etouffee roux had been a bit darker and had more crawfish (there was other fish in there), but it was quite good for what it was.

I hear they do a jazz brunch on Sundays, which would probably be tons of fun. Alas for me, I have no more Sundays in San Diego!

Chateau Orleans
926 Turquoise St
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 488-6744


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