Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Revisited: Mama's Bakery

With so few days left in SD, I had to balance trying places I still wanted to hit up and revisiting old favorites. One of my favorites is Mama's Bakery in University Heights. It's so inexpensive and so delicious for what it is, so I went back a few days ago. This time I got the soojouk wrap (Armenian sausage with pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc). I had it as a plate, and got the falafel salad and the lebni and zatar appetizer. I had no idea what the latter was; I knew the yogurt sauce, but no idea what sumac was. It was actually quite nice -- gritty, flavorful and complex in terms of its spices and taste. Really unlike anything I've had before. The wrap itself was delicious. Armenian sausage isn't as spicy as I'd like but it was really good with all stuff, and their flatbread is just good. The falafel here is also very delicious.

Mama's, I will most definitely miss you.


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