Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Revisited: Pho Ca Dao

Like I promised, I went back to Pho Ca Dao to try the Hue noodles. I didn't have time to stay, so I took it to go. Nicely enough, they separated the noodles from the broth and the extra condiments (mint, basil, onions, sprouts, cabbage). When I got home, I got my big soup bowl and poured it all in.

It was pretty tasty. I loved the noodle texture and the spicy savoriness of the broth, though it was a bit more oily than the pho. The diff meats were all pretty good, except for my personal squeamishness with the huge block of pig's blood. If you like that stuff, then you would have lucked out. Personally, I was just kinda grossed out and had to avoid it. But it was otherwise very good.


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